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About Christopher Donoghue

Dr. Christopher Donoghue is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Montclair State University. He also serves as the Graduate Program Coordinator for the Master of Arts in Social Research and Analysis (pending approval by the State of NJ) and the Graduate Certificate in Data Collection and Management.

He earned his Sociology at Fordham University. His research interests are in social psychological topics in elementary, middle school and high school education such as peer aggression, coping, sexual risk taking, academic motivation and the acquisition of ethnic and racial prejudice. He has also conducted many studies on elder care in nursing homes. Dr. Donoghue's recent work has appeared in Journal of Adolescence, Sociological Forum, The Gerontologist, Research on Aging, The Journal of Adolescence, The Journal of Applied Gerontology, Health Care Management Review, The Social Science Journal, Multicultural Education, Qualitative Research in Education, and The Journal of Health and Social Policy.

Dr. Donoghue has served as an educational consultant for several public and private middle schools and high schools in New Jersey, focusing on school climate, bullying, and multicultural education. He recently served as Principal Investigator of the School Climate Understanding and Building Aspirations Survey (The SCUBA), a two-year project to assess the quality of school climate, and the levels of peer aggression and bullying in New Jersey schools. In this capacity, he has conducted public forums for parents, workshops for teachers, and presentations for school administrators. He also recently served as the Program Evaluator for a New Jersey Personal Responsibility Education Program (NJPREP) grant that enables the administration of a program called "Reducing The Risk" to high school students in Jersey City and Newark. This program is intended to reduce teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.


Present Associate Professor, Montclair State University Sociology

Curriculum Vitae

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Professional Service and Affiliations

2019 - Present Member, Editorial Board, Contemporary Sociology
2019 - Present Member, Editorial Board, Sociological Inquiry
2014 - 2018 Book Review Editor, Sociological Inquiry
2012 - 2018 Councilmember for the New York region, Alpha Kappa Delta, The International Sociology Honors Society
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Honors and Awards

  • Phi Kappa Phi, Honors Society, Inducted in 2011


2004 PhD, Fordham University ‐ Sociology
1999 MA, Montclair State University
1996 BA, Seton Hall University ‐ Sociology and English

Conference Proceedings (1)

Journal Articles (8)

Research Works (17)