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Access to on-line learning: a SAD case.
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  • Karla M. Kmetz
  • Christopher Davis
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Christopher J. Davis

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As evident through recent litigation, Institutions of Higher Education are increasingly being held accountable for the federal mandates on ensuring equivalent access to online education for students with disabilities. This has strong implications for incorporating strategies to enhance accessibility and universal design into all courses from the beginning stages of development. The responsibility for this lies primarily with the Faculty Instructors and Instructional Designers. This Case Study demonstrates how the accessibility of an Information Systems course was improved through development as a fully online course.


This is the author's version of a work that was presented at the Information Systems Educators Conference. San Antonio, Texas. Also published in Information Systems Education Journal 12(2), 10-17, 2014. Full text journal article is available through the link.

Information Systems Educators Conference
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Kmetz, K.M. & Davis, C. J. (2013). Access to on-line learning: a SAD case. Proceedings of the Information Systems Educators Conference. San Antonio, Texas, 30, 2556.