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Dubbel straffbarhet i svensk straff- och straffprocessrätt (trans. "Double criminality in Swedish criminal and criminal procedural law")
Festskrift till Suzanne Wennberg (2009)
  • Christoffer Wong
This article (in Swedish) clarifies the Swedish law regarding the requirement of double criminality in two different contexts, viz. (i) when a Swedish court exercises its own jurisdiction, whether territorial or extra-territorial, and (ii) when the authorities in Sweden are involved only as a part of a criminal process in another State, e.g when an extradition request is being considered. The article also introduces four different senses of the concept of double criminality. In addition to the traditional two-fold distinction between (1) "in abstracto" and (2) "in contrato", the author explains the need to distinguish between (3) "absolute" and (4) "relative" criminality. For "absolute" double criminality the facts of the cases must satisfy all elements of crimes, while for "relative" double criminality a mutatis mutandis reading of the facts is permitted.
  • Double criminality,
  • extraterritorial jurisdiction,
  • mutual assistance in criminal matters,
  • extradition
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Citation Information
Christoffer Wong, "Dubbel straffbarhet i svensk straff- och straffprocessrätt", in: Festskrift till Suzanne Wennberg, Norstedts, Stockholm 2009, pp. 515-528. Available at: