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About Christoffer Wong

Areas of research interest: the general part of criminal law, criminal procedure, international criminal law, European criminal law, public international law, Swedish law.
Current research projects at Lund University:
1. A volume on Swedish criminal law and criminal procedure, as part of the Criminal Law series of International Encyclopaedia of Law published by Kluwer Law International.
2. A book (in Swedish) with working title "Straffrättens internationella dimension i ett svenskt perspektiv", which looks at the international dimension of criminal law in a Swedish perspective. It deals with Swedish criminal legislation and jurisdiction with a foreign element, international and transnational crimes, international courts, international cooperation in criminal matters and European Union criminal law and cooperation in criminal matters.
3. The issue of complicity in crime. The study will draw upon the lesson from international criminal law and examine whether the doctrine developed in the international field can be applied in domestic criminal law.
4. Res judicata. The project will look at the concept of finality of different judicial decisions (judgments, dismissals, interim decisions etc.) in a number of legal fields, but with the main focus on the area of criminal law.
5. A textbook (in Swedish) on criminal procedure with the working title "Straffrättskipning", to be published by Norstedts Juridik 2015.


Present Faculty of Law, Lund University Faculty of Law

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