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Global Human Thriving: A Christian Perspective
Theology Faculty Presentations
  • Christoffer H. Grundmann, Valparaiso University
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(excerpt) "Talking about global human thriving from a decidedly religious point of view requires interpreting a particular religious tradition in light of today’s ubiquitous ecological, economic, and political challenges. One cannot any longer stay content with a monologic explanation of happenings based on an authoritarian, unilateral interpretation of holy writ and the wisdom of old, at least not according to the Christian perception of life and human responsibility, because global issues like climate change, water scarcity, and nuclear overkill—to mention only a few—indiscriminately threaten the continuation of all of life as known so far. These issues compel us to pursue the quest for human thriving as an interdisciplinary, transcultural, and inter-religious discourse in order to come to appropriate sustainable solutions. What can Christians contribute to this discourse?"

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Christoffer H. Grundmann. "Global Human Thriving: A Christian Perspective" (2009)
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