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Air quality measurements for ARIES
Journal of Air and Waste Management (2006)
  • D A Hansen
  • E Edgerton
  • B Hartsell
  • J Jansen
  • H Burge
  • P Koutrakis
  • Christine A Rogers, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • H Suh
  • J Chow
  • B Zielinska
  • P McMurry
  • J Mulholland
  • A Russell
  • R Rasmussen

Measurements of pollutant gases, airborne particulate matter mass and composition, and meteorology have been made at a core site near downtown Atlanta, GA, since August 1998 in support of the Aerosol Research and Inhalation Epidemiology Study (ARIES). This site is one of eight in the Southeastern Aerosol Research and Characterization network. The measurement objective is to provide a long-term, multivariate dataset suitable for investigating statistical associations of respiratory and cardiovascular disease with airborne particulate matter composition, meteorology, and copollutant gases through epidemiologic modeling. Measurements are expected to continue through 2010. Ancillary multiyear measurements at additional sites in the Atlanta metropolitan area and in short-term exposure assessments have been used to estimate the exposure/measurement error associated with using data from a central site to approximate human exposures for the entire area. To date, 13-, 25-, and 53-month air quality datasets have been used in epidemiologic analyses.

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D A Hansen, E Edgerton, B Hartsell, J Jansen, et al.. "Air quality measurements for ARIES" Journal of Air and Waste Management Vol. 56 Iss. 10 (2006)
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