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About Christine Hutton

Chris Hutton teaches Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence and Advanced Criminal Procedure at The University of South Dakota School of Law. She publishes the South Dakota Criminal Law and Procedure Review annually and edits the treatise, South Dakota Evidence by John Larson. Professor Hutton's publications include commentary on the death penalty, evidence issues in criminal trials, retroactivity, and standards of review. She provides annual training for the state judges of the Unified Judicial System, has testified before the South Dakota Criminal Code Revision Commission, and has also spoken about search and seizure and federal sentencing. Professor Hutton is engaged in additional service work, including membership on the ABA Standing Committee on Armed Forces Law, the State Bar Committee for the Active Participation of Women in the Bar, and the Board of Bar Commissioners for the South Dakota Bar (2004-07). She serves as faculty advisor to USD Law's Women in Law. Professor Hutton has maintained her interest in providing legal services for low income people by participating as a board member for Access to Justice (a partnership of the State Bar and legal services programs to increase access to legal services for low income people) and Dakota Plains Legal Services. She has been a commentator for newspaper, radio and TV on issues of interest in Criminal Law, including the death penalty and other high-profile criminal cases.


Present Professor of Law, University of South Dakota School of Law



Honors and Awards

  • USD Belbas-Larson Award for Excellence in Teaching, USD, 2008
  • John Wesley Jackson Outstanding Professor of Law Award, Law School, 1999
  • Women in Law Attorney of the Year Award, Women in Law, 1997
  • John Wesley Jackson Outstanding Professor of Law Award, Law School, 1986

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