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YOU Should Advocate for Science
  • Denise J. Hills, Geological Survey of Alabama
  • Daniel Horton, Northwestern University
  • Rafael Loureiro, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science
  • Kimberly Popendorf, University of Miami
  • Christine Marie Downs, University of South Florida
  • Ronald E. Doel, Florida State University
  • Prabhakar Clement, University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
  • Adam Kobelski, West Virginia University
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Are you engaged in rigorous science? If so, ask your elected representatives to fund it robustly and predictably and to oppose policies that impede scientific progress.

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EOS, v. 99.

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Denise J. Hills, Daniel Horton, Rafael Loureiro, Kimberly Popendorf, et al.. "YOU Should Advocate for Science" EOS Vol. 99 (2018)
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