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About Christina E. Mitchell

CHRISTINA E. MITCHELL is an independent international consultant; social justice activist and advocate; and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professional. Christina is a graduate of University of Oregon School of Law currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Nonprofit Leadership at the University of San Diego School of Leadership and Education Sciences. She has honed her skills over a period of four years through capacity building, community mediation, consensus building, public policy facilitation, and restorative justice programs and interventions in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Her research has been recognized in the field of peace studies. She continues her research related to women and Sub-Saharan Africa as she authors further articles for publication and formulates her dissertation proposal. Her impassioned focus is civil society in connection to women’s rights and women’s voices in regions affected by violent conflict.
Christina compliments her professional life with a voracious appetite for reading, old movies, and walking, with very special attention given to the boundless enjoyment of spoiling her grand daughter.


Present School of Leadership Studies, Nonprofit Leadership, University of San Diego
Present Ph.D. of Philosophy, Student, University of San Diego
Present Conflict Resolution Program, University of Oregon
Present M.S., University of Oregon School of Law, University of Oregon

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