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Heritage Spanish Speakers: Self Confidence through Study Abroad
John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference
  • Jordan Menendez, Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Christina Isabelli, Faculty Advisor, Illinois Wesleyan University
Graduation Year
Center for Natural Sciences, Illinois Wesleyan University
Start Date
9-4-2011 9:00 AM
End Date
9-4-2011 10:00 AM
This study, describes the perception heritage Spanish-speakers have of their language abilities after they have studied abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. Research has shown that many heritage speakers struggle with their confidence in their heritage language, but that after studying abroad, the student's confidence in their language capabilities increases. The research questions include: Do the students have a higher self-confidence in speaking their native language after studying abroad? Do their perceptions of their language abilities change throughout the course of their study abroad experience? What do their heritage Spanish-speaking students feel effected their perceived language change after study abroad: improved vocabulary, pronunciation or knowledge of the general culture? The participants of this study will consist of native Spanish speaking students who have studied abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. The data will be collected through a questionnaire and interviews of native speakers who have studied abroad within the past three years. The conclusions hope to show a direct correlation of to an increase in self-confidence in language capabilities, and studying-abroad.
Citation Information
Jordan Menendez and Christina Isabelli, Faculty Advisor. "Heritage Spanish Speakers: Self Confidence through Study Abroad" (2011)
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