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The English-Only Movement and the Linguistic Future of the United States
John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference
  • Erin Howes, Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Christina Isabelli, Faculty Advisor, Illinois Wesleyan University
Graduation Year
Center for Natural Sciences, Illinois Wesleyan University
Start Date
9-4-2011 9:00 AM
End Date
9-4-2011 10:00 AM
This descriptive study investigates the opinions of proposed English-Only legislation and how the opinions of the current college generation will affect the future of this country's language laws. The English-Only Movement, also known as the Official English movement, refers to a political movement to establish the English language as the only official language in the United States and in government operations. The data will be collected from university students via an online questionnaire focusing on the opinions of the use of English as the country's legal language versus the presence of Spanish. Investigative questions regarding different demographics and background information will be used to determine if there is a collective consciousness or pattern within certain communities or groups, such as common birthplace, academic major, or specific ethnic group. Understanding a sampling of students' opinions on this topic is important since they will have the responsibility regarding the linguistic and educational future of the Spanish-speaking population.
Citation Information
Erin Howes and Christina Isabelli, Faculty Advisor. "The English-Only Movement and the Linguistic Future of the United States" (2011)
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