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About Christina Isabelli

Dr. Isabelli is currently Professor and Chair at Gonzaga University in the Department of Modern Languages and Literature. Previously, she was Chair of the Department of Hispanic Studies at Illinois Wesleyan University and has taught courses in Spanish and Italian language, Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, and Foreign Language pedagogy. Christina's research interests relate to sociolinguistic issues regarding Hispanics in the U.S. as well as second language acquisition in various learning contexts, identifying processes of forming social networks and how they function as contexts for language learning. Christina served as a visiting professor of Applied Linguistics and Foreign Language pedagogy in Middlebury College's graduate summer program in Vermont (2010-2016).
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Present Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics, Gonzaga University ‐ Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Research Interests

Spanish Applied Linguistics, Hispanic Studies, Sociolinguistics, and Second Language Acquisition

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PhD, University of Texas at Austin ‐ Spanish and Portuguese

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College Hall 031-A
(509) 313-6723


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