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Amphipathic Co-Oligomers for the Delivery of SIRNA
United States Patent and Trademark Office (2014)
  • Christina B Cooley, Stanford University
  • Erika I Geihe
  • Robert M Waymouth
  • Paul A Wender

Co-oligomer compounds, complexes of the same with polyanions, such as siRNAs, and methods for using the same are provided. the delivery of polynucleotides, into a cell. The subject co-oligomers include at least a liphopilic monomer and at least a hydrophilic monomer (e.g., a guanidinium containing monomer). In some embodiments, the co-oligomer compounds are capable of complexing a siRNA of interest, thereby increasing the cell permeability of the siRNA, prior to release of the siRNA into the cell. In some embodiments, the subject method is a method of delivery a siRNA into a cell. In some embodiments, the subject method is a method of reducing expression of a protein target of a siRNA of interest. The subject co-oligomer/siRNA complexes may be formulated and administered to a subject to treat a condition resulting from expression of a protein target of the siRNA of interest.

  • Co-oligomer compounds,
  • siRNA,
  • patent,
  • polynucleotide,
  • alkynyl,
  • monomer,
  • embodiments,
  • lipophilic,
  • hydrophilic,
  • pharmaceutical
Publication Date
November 27, 2014
Citation Information
Cooley, C. B., Geihe, E. I., Waymouth, R. M., & Wender, P. A. (2014). U.S. Patent No. US20140350077 A1. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.