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International Law and Practice, the World Bank, IMF & State Sovereignty
  • Christian Chizindu Wigwe, Ph.D
  • Chris Chizindu Wigwe, Ph.D, Rivers State University of Science And Technology, Nigeria
The World Bank and the IMF were established in 1944 towards the end of World War II with the main aims of encouraging world trade by stabilizing and promoting regulated uniform foreign exchange rates, the removal of unhealthy and competitive import licences that restricted world trade, including the infrastructural development particularly for the war-torn areas in Western Europe. The process leading to the establishment of the institutions started long before 1944, yet because of the independence of states and their sovereignty, it took several rounds of negotiation that spanned three years before a consensus was reached in 1944.
  • international law,
  • World Bank,
  • IMF,
  • State Sovereignty
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Mountcrest University Press
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Real academic work of commendable excellence
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Christian Chizindu Wigwe and Chris Chizindu Wigwe. International Law and Practice, the World Bank, IMF & State Sovereignty. Accra-Ghana(2011)
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