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A Production Function-Based Empirical Analysis of Distribution Networks
INFORMS Annual Meeting (2012)
  • Don P. Warsing, North Carolina State University
  • Michael G. Kay
  • Christian L. Rossetti, Georgia Southern University
Using a number of public data sources, we compare distribution networks in the continental U.S. across several industry sectors. We gather data on, and/or compute from base-level data, a number of independent variables that we use as inputs to a cost function for each DC in each industry data set. This cost function serves as an important means of analyzing the variance in the input data and cost data. We present insights regarding differences in distribution strategies across industries.
  • Data sources,
  • Function-based empirical analysis,
  • Distribution networks,
  • Cost function
Publication Date
October 14, 2012
Phoenix, AZ
Citation Information
Don P. Warsing, Michael G. Kay and Christian L. Rossetti. "A Production Function-Based Empirical Analysis of Distribution Networks" INFORMS Annual Meeting (2012)
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