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Using Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality to Explore a Black Lesbian’s Life in College: An Analysis of Skye’s Narrative
National Association of Student Affairs Professionals (2014)
  • Christa J Porter, Michigan State University
  • Candace E Maddox, University of Georgia
This qualitative study is centered on the individual experiences and narrative of a Black undergraduate lesbian student enrolled at an institution in the Southeastern region of the United States. This study sought to address the role of intersectionality in one's identity development and the application of critical race theory as an analytic frame in narrative research. The theoretical underpinnings of the study are informed by the concepts presented in sexual and racial identity formation, intersectionality, and the employment of critical race theory. The full narrative of one participant is uncovered in findings of this study. There are direct implications for student affairs practice and higher education’s approach to sustaining a healthy campus cultural climate in addition to serving the needs of and supporting Black lesbian college women.
Publication Date
Spring 2014
Citation Information
Porter, C. J., & Maddox, C. (2014). Using critical race theory and intersectionality to explore a Black lesbian’s life in college: An analysis of Skye’s narrative. In T. L. Strayhorn (Ed.), The National Association of Student Affairs Professionals Journal, 15(2), p. 25-40.