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Second to none: Contingent women of Color faculty in the classroom
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity in Contemporary Higher Education (2019)
  • Ginny J Boss, Kennesaw State University
  • Tiffany J Davis, University of Houston
  • Christa J Porter, Kent State University
  • Candace M Moore, University of Maryland at College Park
The purpose of this chapter is to foreground the experiences of women of Color who serve in full-time, contingent faculty roles and interrogate the policies and practices that present both barriers and opportunities for these faculty members within the academy. Using a conceptual framework of previous literature in combination with critical race feminism and structuration theory, the authors discuss the ways in which identity (race, gender, and age) and position (contingent vs. tenure-track) influence faculty life and teaching. Throughout this discussion, the authors also introduce results from a study they conducted on Black women contingent faculty. The chapter concludes with the authors offering suggestions for institutional policy and practice.
  • Contingent,
  • Black women faculty,
  • Higher education
Publication Date
Rhonda Jeffries
IGI Global
Citation Information
Boss, G. J., Davis, T. J., Porter, C. J., & Moore, C. M. (2019). Second to none: Contingent women of Color faculty in the classroom. In R. Jeffries (Ed.), Diversity, equity, and inclusivity in contemporary higher education (pp. 211-225). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.