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Making Meaning: Identity Development of Black Undergraduate Women
NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education (2015)
  • Christa J Porter, Kent State University
  • Laura A Dean, University of Georgia
The purpose of this preliminary, phenomenological study was to identify factors that influence identity development and meaning-making of Black undergraduate women at a predominately White institution. The goal of this research was two-fold: to share diverse experiences of Black undergraduate women in order to understand the essence of their lived experience and to identify contemporary perspectives of the duality of being both Black and a woman at a predominately White institution. Findings were clustered into themes pertaining to support systems, maternal and familial influences, articulation of Black identity, and interactions with other Black undergraduate women.
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Citation Information
Porter, C. J., & Dean, L. A. (2015). Making meaning: Identity development of Black undergraduate women. NASPA Journal about Women in Higher Education, 8(2), 125-139.