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Ako Ako: A progress report on a collaborative peer mentoring pilot programme
17th Annual NACCQ Conference (2004)
  • Chrissy Joyce-Erueti
  • Rhona Poutu-Shaw
  • Khurshid Mitchell
We present a progress report on a pilot peer-mentoring programme for staff at a tertiary institution. Ako Ako is a Maori methodology of learning that acknowledges that both partners share the power base of teaching and learning. Peer mentoring replicates this methodology and requires a paradigm shift from traditional mentoring where one is deemed to have higher levels of knowledge and skills. In this process the group engages in an exchange of knowledge and skills to enhance professional practice. Although mentoring was occurring within the institute, no formal structure was in place. A need was established and a framework to support staff in the mentoring process was implemented. Success experienced in an overseas experiment prompted our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to encourage and support the implementation of peer mentoring. A working party, of a Nursing tutor, Staff Development Co-ordinator, Counsellor and a Computing tutor was formed to investigate the implementation of a mentoring programme. A private consultancy firm was contracted to provide the initial training. During the first year 10% of staff participated in the pilot programme. Participants reported that peer mentoring and the cross-pollination of experiences across different divisions of the institution supported their professional development by increasing and expanding ideas, providing broader perspectives and validating experiences. Tutors were able to include these into their own teaching practice whether it be in computing, nursing, art or any other discipline. During the second year there was a decline in the participation rate as restructuring and audit factors impacted on staff time and resources.
  • peer mentoring,
  • peer learning,
  • Ako Ako,
  • collaboration
Publication Date
July 9, 2004
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Joyce-Erueti, C., Mitchell, K. and Poutu-Shaw, R. (2004). Ako Ako: A progress report on a collaborative peer mentoring pilot programme. Paper presented at the 17th Annual NACCQ Conference, 9 June, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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© Copyright Chrissy Joyce-Erueti, Rhona Poutu-Shaw and Khurshid Mitchell, 2004
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Chrissy Joyce-Erueti, Rhona Poutu-Shaw and Khurshid Mitchell. "Ako Ako: A progress report on a collaborative peer mentoring pilot programme" 17th Annual NACCQ Conference (2004)
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