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Consolidating instruction programs: How did you do that?
Georgia Council of Media Organizations (GaCOMO) (2016)
  • Chris Sharpe
  • Kelly Ansley
  • Amanda Nash
  • Ben Mullis
  • Sarah Kirkley
  • Patricia Ziebart
This panel made up of members from four institutions will discuss the challenges, benefits, and ongoing issues related to instruction programs at consolidated universities. Panelists will describe how consolidation affected their program and what changes, if any, they made. The process of joining instruction programs will be reviewed, which includes talking about goals, guiding principles, and organizational structure. Finally, the panelists will share the lessons they learned through the experience and their recommendations for others who may undergo consolidation.
  • Library instruction,
  • consolidation
Publication Date
October 6, 2016
Athens, GA
Citation Information
Chris Sharpe, Kelly Ansley, Amanda Nash, Ben Mullis, et al.. "Consolidating instruction programs: How did you do that?" Georgia Council of Media Organizations (GaCOMO) (2016)
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