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Deconstructing the New Efficiency Rationale
Cornell L. Rev. (2001)
  • Chris William Sanchirico
One of the most important developments in law and economics over the last decade has been the emergence and rapid acceptance of a new type of justification for the field's long-time practice of evaluating legal rules solely on the basis of the efficiency criterion. This Article challenges these new arguments. It contends that these arguments are alternatively logically flawed or reliant on untenable assumptions. The article concludes that law and economics' exclusive focus on efficiency continues to lack justification even within the limited purview of modern economic reasoning.
  • Optimal Taxation,
  • Uniform Commodity Taxation
Publication Date
January, 2001
Citation Information
Chris William Sanchirico, Deconstructing the New Efficiency Rationale, 86 Cornell L. Rev. 1003 (2001)