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Teaching Revenue Management at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration
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  • Chris K. Anderson, Cornell University
  • Sherri Kimes, Cornell University
  • Bill Carroll, Cornell University
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The Cornell University School of Hotel Administration was one of the first in the world to offer a university course in revenue management (starting in 1994) and currently offers five courses related to revenue management: Yield Management, Restaurant Revenue Management, Managing Hospitality Distribution Strategies, Hospitality Pricing and Analysis, and Nontraditional Revenue Management. In addition, the school offers undergraduate and graduate concentrations and executive education courses in revenue management. In recent years, about 10%–15% of our graduates have obtained jobs in revenue management and distribution. In the following paper we discuss the evolution of the teaching of revenue management at Cornell providing descriptions of the courses we teach as well as insight into how this content may be delivered at other institutions.

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Anderson, C. K., Kimes, S., & Carroll, B. (2009). Teaching revenue management at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration [Electronic version]. INFORMS Transactions on Education, 9(3), 109-116. Retrieved [insert date], from Cornell University, School of Hospitality Administration site: