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Horizontal well’s path planning: An optimal switching control
Applied Mathematical Modelling (2015)
  • Zhaohua Gong
  • Kok Lay Teo, Curtin University of Technology
  • Chongyang Liu
  • Enmin Feng, Dalian University of Technology

In this paper, we consider a three-dimensional horizontal well’s path planning problem, where the well’s path evolves as a combination of several constant-curvature smooth turn segments. The problem is formulated as an optimal switching control problem subject to continuous state inequality constraints. By applying the time-scaling transformation and constraint transcription in conjunction with local smooth approximation technique, the optimal switching control problem is approximated by a sequence of optimal parameter selection problems with only box constraints, each of which is solvable by gradient-based optimization techniques. The optimal path planning problems of the wells Ci-16-Cp146 and Jin27 in Liaohe oil field are solved to demonstrate the applicability of the approach proposed.

  • Horizontal well’s path planning,
  • Optimal switching control,
  • Continuous state inequality constraint,
  • Time-scaling transformation,
  • Computational method
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Zhaohua Gong, Kok Lay Teo, Chongyang Liu and Enmin Feng. "Horizontal well’s path planning: An optimal switching control" Applied Mathematical Modelling Vol. 39 (2015)
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