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On Free Trade and the Post-American World
What Lies Ahead? Debating the Prospects for a “Post-American World” (2011)
  • Chin Leng Lim, University of Hong Kong
Amongst the small group of technical and diplomatic experts in the GATT/WTO and trade scholars (the “Gattologists”) whose professional preoccupation has been with global tradenegotiations, the decline of American power had been keenly observed and felt even before the demise of the Cold War. This chapter discusses the insights of the trade specialist against the legacy of American free trade. We need to assess where America stood after World War II, where it is today following a series of significant changes in the distribution of power within the GATT/WTO, and America’s responses. Taking a trade policy perspective is useful because the “rise of the rest” is, first of all, an economic phenomenon; second, it was the GATT/ WTO which first showed these signs of change; and, finally, it is in the GATT/ WTO that we can already see and therefore assess America’s reactions.
  • free trade,
  • post-American world,
  • WTO
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S. Hoque & S. Clark
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Chin Leng Lim. "On Free Trade and the Post-American World" LondonWhat Lies Ahead? Debating the Prospects for a “Post-American World” (2011)
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