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Correlations Among Symptoms of ADHD and Peer Relationships, Academic Performance, and Self-image
Professional Issues in Counseling Journal
  • Michael W. Firmin, Cedarville University
  • Chi-en Hwang, Cedarville University
  • Annie Phillips
  • Richard A. Wantz
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The present study examined relationships between symptoms of ADHD, peer relations, academic performance, and self-image among university-level students. Eighty-three students at a private, Midwestern, comprehensive university participated in the study. None indicated that they had been previously diagnosed with ADHD or were currently receiving any form of ADHD treatment. The students were administered an adapted version of the General Adult ADD Symptom Checklist (Amen, 1995). Particular variables of interest included perceptions of peer relations, academic performance, and self-image. The results showed that 5% of students surveyed met the operational definition criteria for ADHD symptoms. Significant correlations were found with poor peer relations, less satisfactory academic performance, and poor self-image.
  • ADHD,
  • self-image
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Firmin, M., Hwang, C., Phillips, A., & Wantz, R. A. (2007). Correlations among symptoms of ADHD and peer relationships, academic performance, and self-image. Permanent on-line access Professional Issues in Counseling Journal.