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Unpublished Paper
Western States Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices, version 1.2
  • Cheryl D. Walters, Utah State University
  • Western States Digital Standards Group, Western States Digital Standards Group
Funded by a grant awarded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) in the fall of 2001, the University of Denver (Denver, Colorado) spearheaded a multi-state collaborative initiative to create a virtual collection of widely dispersed digital resources on the topic, Western trails. As part of this initiative, 23 institutions in four Western states were awarded mini-grants to create digital content and metadata for resources related to Western trails. In addition to creation of a virtual collection of digital resources, another significant component of this multi-state initiative was development of a set of Dublin-Core based best practices by representatives from cultural heritage institutions beyond the original four participating states. Accordingly, in March 2002, 18 representatives from eight Western states met in Denver, Colorado to begin exploring issues associated with application of Dublin Core to digital objects by cultural heritage institutions. This group, the Western States Digital Standards Group (WSDSG) Metadata Working Group, formed two task forces to develop guidelines for the Dublin Core metadata. The WSDSG Metadata Working Group met again in Topeka, Kansas in July 2002 to finalize the guidelines and determine the remaining components of a best practices document. In November 2002 the resultant WSDSG Guidelines for the Dublin Core Elements were posted on the Colorado Digitization Program (CDP) and the Western Trails project website. In January 2003, the WSDSG Best Practices document will be released. This Best Practices document is based upon and supercedes the CDP’s General Guidelines for Descriptive Metadata Creation and Metadata.
  • Dublin Core,
  • Metadata
Publication Date
January, 2003
Citation Information
Cheryl D. Walters and Western States Digital Standards Group. "Western States Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices, version 1.2" (2003)
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