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More than a Credential
ACA News: The Newsletter of the Academy of Certified Archivists (2011)
  • Cheryl Oestreicher
  • Wesley Chenault

At the time of the exam, Cheryl had nine years of experience working in libraries and archives, an MLIS, and was less than one year away from completing a PhD in Modern History and Literature. Wesley had fourteen years of experience in special collections and archives, an MA in Women’s Studies, and a PhD in American Studies. For several months we had numerous conversations about whether or not to take the exam. Because our backgrounds, degrees, and professional positions were different, we had excellent discussions about the pros and cons of certification. Over the years, we both thought about it, but our collaboration was the impetus to actually taking the exam. Instead of viewing it as just getting a certification, we approached it as a learning exercise to deepen our knowledge of archival practices, standards, and the profession – an intensive continuing education crash course for two professionals beginning mid-career stages.

Publication Date
Summer 2011
Citation Information
Cheryl Oestreicher and Wesley Chenault. "More than a Credential" ACA News: The Newsletter of the Academy of Certified Archivists Iss. 74 (2011)
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