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Update Clinical Communication Strategy, Not Just the BYOD Policy
Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare (2015)
  • Cheryl D Parker, University of Texas at Tyler
Step into most healthcare facilities and you will notice that while community physicians are openly using their smartphones, employed clinicians are carrying voice-only phones, multiple pagers, or wearable voice-activated two-way communication devices provided by their employers. Hospitals report that 67% of nurses use their personal smartphones for clinical communications, while 89% of hospitals say they do not allow nurses to use them during their work shift (Spyglass Consulting Group, 2014). Although potentially in violation of their organizations’ policy, nurses and other employed clinicians use their personal devices to support their patient care activities in part because the communication equipment their hospital provides lacks the functionality, applications, and workflow support of a smartphone.
  • Environment and Facilities,
  • Patient Safety
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Cheryl D Parker. "Update Clinical Communication Strategy, Not Just the BYOD Policy" Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare (2015)
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