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Curiosité: Inquiry-based instruction and bilingual learning
Teacher Education
  • Cheryl Bowen (McElvain), Santa Clara University
  • Heidi A. Smith
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Sciedu Press

The issues that prompt this study are based on current research indicating the positive effects of inquiry learning onthe cognitive development of children. The purpose of this case study was to understand the effects of inquirylearning on the academic achievement and bilingual verbal ability of 5th grade bilingual students in a French/Englishdual immersion program. The treatment group of students completed research projects through a guided inquirylearning approach, while the control group experienced the traditional problem solving research approach. Initialfindings report a significant mean increase in mathematical reasoning, bilingual verbal ability, higher motivation tolearn, and increased self-efficacy in the treatment versus the control group of students.


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McElvain, C. & Smith, H. (2016). Curiosité: Inquiry-based instruction and bilingual learning. Journal of Curriculum and Teaching, 5(2).