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'Three Key Elements' Mental Health Delivery Toward Maori
Health Studies Dissertations and Theses (2009)
  • Cherene Neilson-Hornblow

This project titled ‘Three Key Elements’ Mental Health Delivery Toward Maori explores literature on mental health service delivery in Aotearoa/New Zealand for Maori over the last thirty years. The evolution of changes in mental health delivery is traced and how this has affected Maori mental health status, Maori socioeconomic realities and the delivery of mental health services to Maori. This paper traces the changes to three modes of mental health delivery from a psychiatric institution in the 1970s through to community-focused care in the 1980s, and telenursing in the 1990s. In this project I position myself using a metaphor which encompasses my cultural, personal and professional area of expertise in mental health nursing. Interwoven are reflective accounts of my brother Sidney’s journey as a tangata whaiora in mental health services. I explore those factors which our whanau had to challenge in response to poor access, information and support in mental health at this time. I also trace Maori realities and Maori health status in the 1950s and the transition of Maori to urban society through to the 1960s. Urbanisation provided opportunities and also pressures for Maori and it was these pressures that led to Sidney becoming unwell in the 1970s. A renaissance in the 1980s of Maori activism explores Maori expression to improve Maori health status and better socioeconomic conditions. The Treaty of Waitangi as the foundation of health policy and service delivery is discussed. Cultural safety was developed to educate nurses about cultural awareness and difference in providing nursing care. In the 1990s kaupapa Maori services were established demonstrating improved service delivery, with Maori health professionals and Maori mental health frameworks which endorse Maori by Maori services. The paper concludes by exploring mental health telenursing and recommendations for healthcare delivery to improve the health of Maori. My vision for futuristic health and wellbeing for Maori is to provide a nationwide kaupapa Maori healthline.

  • mental health,
  • service delivery,
  • Aotearoa,
  • New Zealand,
  • Maori,
  • telenursing
Publication Date
April 28, 2009
Citation Information
Cherene Neilson-Hornblow. "'Three Key Elements' Mental Health Delivery Toward Maori" Health Studies Dissertations and Theses (2009)
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