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Philosophy East & West (2016)
  • Chenyang Li
Joseph Chan’s book is a milestone for the contemporary study of Confucian political
philosophy. In this remarkable work, Chan presents his version of Confucian perfectionism,
aiming to balance liberalism and Confucianism as a solution to reconstructing a political
philosophy in response to contemporary challenges. I am sympathetic to much of what Chan has
to say in the book. I agree that, rather than merely being an ethical theory, Confucianism can and
should have a place in political philosophy. I also agree that Confucianism can coexist with
democracy1 and that human rights can and should be instituted as a fallback apparatus. This
essay is not meant to give a comprehensive assessment of his book, nor is it about praises. This
essay is about how Chan’s version of Confucian perfectionism can be strengthened—from a
Confucian point of view.
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Chenyang Li. "Education_as_a_Human_Right_a_Confucian_P.pdf" Philosophy East & West (2016)
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