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Partner Selection in Market-Driven Strategic Alliances
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  • Saul Klein, University of Witwatersrand
  • Chekitan Dev, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration
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How should one select a strategic alliance partner? An answer to this question is provided by extending the literature on symbiotic marketing and focussing [sic] attention on market-driven strategic alliances. Such alliances are defined as long-term inter-firm co-operative relationships that add value for the customer. Value is created by providing the advantages of multiple choice purchase options coupled with the convenience of seamless, one-stop-shopping. This means paying attention to customers and competitors in selecting alliance partners. Market-driven strategic alliances are posited to be more successful when usage and firm complementarily levels are correctly matched with the alliance strategy being pursued.

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Brown, J. R., & Dev, C. S. (1997). Partner selection in market-driven strategic alliances. South African Journal of Business Management, 28(3). 97-104.