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Presidential Candidate Selection in Uruguay 1942-2004
Pathway to Power. Political Recruitment and Candidate Selection in Latin America (2008)
  • Daniel Buquet
  • Daniel Chasquetti

This article deals with the presidential candidates’ selection process in both before and after the constitutional reform of 1997. Given the peculiar characteristics of the electoral Uruguayan system, the process of the candidates’ selection will be discussed at two levels: the parties’ selection and the party internal fractions. This work will account for the institutional variables which affect the candidates’ selection process and the political consequences of the selection of presidential candidates’ type. In the first instance, we have two questions to answer: I) How do the fractions select their candidates?, and II) How do the parties select their candidates? As the first question does not present great particularities, the second could be seen as the central question linked by the Uruguayan parties’ system, with decisive consequences to the whole political system. As a consequence, an important part of this work is dedicated to describe how the electoral rules shape the internal partisan competence and how they affect their internal structure and behaviour. The way in which the different fractions’ candidates compete among themselves is completely determined by the national electoral system. In the Uruguayan case, the idea that an electoral system is “a group of partisan norms and rules that regulate the competition among and within de parties” (Cox, 1997) is especially true. Uruguay is probably the only case regarding the visibility degree the partisan internal competence presents in the electoral arena. This allows us to study the fractional systems with a similar focus to the ones used to analyze the relations between the electoral system and parties systems.

  • Candidate Selection; Presidents; Party System
Publication Date
Peter M. Siavelis and Scott Morgenstern
Penn State University Press
13: 978-0271033754
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Daniel Buquet and Daniel Chasquetti. "Presidential Candidate Selection in Uruguay 1942-2004" PennsylvaniaPathway to Power. Political Recruitment and Candidate Selection in Latin America (2008)
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