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Growing our Vision Together: A Sustainability Community within the American Library Association
International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) (2016)
  • Madeleine K. Charney, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Bonnie J. Smith, University of Florida
  • Beth Filar Williams, State University of Oregon
A rich and colorful tapestry of innovative library practices, services, and engagement emerged in response to the economic, social and environmental dynamics of the 21st century, not least of which the explosion of technology, economic crises, and a growing environmental imperative driven by climate instability. In a world struggling for sustainability, libraries continue to critically evolve in order to celebrate their communities' successes and support them through hardships. Library associations bring together professionals to co-create solutions, share expertise, and bolster resilience through learning and community building. This poster reports on the formation of the American Library Association (ALA) Sustainability Round Table (SustainRT) in 2013, the result of an urgent call to action for a unified effort to address the new millennium's environmental, economic and social sustainability challenges within the library profession in the United States and Canada. This poster identifies the technologies, processes, roles and other factors that led to the founding of SustainRT, as well as providing a vision for the future based on its participatory and inclusive structure. This story offers a practical model, including tools and strategies, for others seeking to engage in dialog and collaboration within the library profession.

  • sustainrt,
  • american library association,
  • sustainability,
  • professional development,
  • librarianship,
  • social justice,
  • climate change
Publication Date
Summer August, 2016
Columbus OH
Citation Information
Madeleine K. Charney, Bonnie J. Smith and Beth Filar Williams. "Growing our Vision Together: A Sustainability Community within the American Library Association" International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) (2016)
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