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Sabbatical Report 2018 - Climate Change Conversations in Libraries
  • Madeleine K. Charney
Report on a 24-week sabbatical (February 2018-July 2018) with central themes being: climate disruption, libraries as community hubs, resilience, collapse and rebirth, mindfulness, conversations, transformational leadership, empowerment, and facilitation (particularly World Café). 

The core project involved traveling to each New England State and training ~100 librarians. Facing the Future: Facilitating Climate Change Conversations in Your Library was an experiential training that guided participants on how to gather their communities to communicate about climate change/disruption/collapse while building a safety net of preparedness and psycho-social resilience. World Café, a creative model for “conversations that matter,” is endorsed by the American Library Association and was the centerpiece of each training. Mindfulness practices were woven throughout, including walking a fold-out labyrinth. 
  • climate disruption,
  • libraries,
  • mindfulness,
  • resilience,
  • conversations,
  • transformational leadership,
  • labyrinth
Publication Date
Winter January 29, 2019
Citation Information
Madeleine K. Charney. "Sabbatical Report 2018 - Climate Change Conversations in Libraries" (2019)
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