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Microaggressions: small actions that are a big deal
REFORMA Northeast 11th Joint-Mini Conference (2015)
  • Molly Higgins, Stony Brook University
  • Charlotte Roh, University of Massachusetts Amherst
“Microaggressions” refer to those brief occurrences and encounters that subtly reinforce systems of power and privilege. The term can be applied across groups, including but certainly not limited to people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and individuals with disabilities. Libraries and information organizations are not immune to these microaggressions. They exist in our library catalogues, archives, research, professional organizations and interpersonal interactions. They have also garnered attention in the library world, through projects like the Microaggressions in Librarianship Tumblr, and a recent webinar on the subject put on by Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA). How do we create safe, affirming, work spaces where we can grow as professionals? How do we address hurtful exchanges with our colleagues and patrons without damaging those relationships? And how can we use these microaggressions to work towards a more just, diverse library world? The presenters will explore biases in librarianship, particularly in professional relationships, then present tools to engage librarians as well as faculty and graduate students.
  • microaggressions,
  • libraries,
  • racism
Publication Date
Summer June 5, 2015
Citation Information
Molly Higgins and Charlotte Roh. "Microaggressions: small actions that are a big deal" REFORMA Northeast 11th Joint-Mini Conference (2015)
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