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The Lone Ranger
The Fifties in America (2005)
  • Charlie Sweet, Eastern Kentucky University
The Fifties in America surveys the events and people of all of North America during the 1950's. This three-volume publication, Salem Press's second reference set on a twentieth century decade, is modeled on the award-winning The Sixties in America (1999). The 1950's are often portrayed as an uneventful era in North American history - a period of political and cultural conservatism. The decade was in fact a period of political turbulence, mounting world conflict, and cultural change. The 1950's experienced the Cold War, McCarthyism and a trend toward the suppression of civil liberties.
  • united states history pop culture,
  • pop culture history america,
  • fifties in america pop culture
Publication Date
January 30, 2005
John C. Super
Salem Press
Citation Information
Charlie Sweet. "The Lone Ranger" Pasadena, CaliforniaThe Fifties in America (2005)
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