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It Works for Me: Shared Tips for Teaching
  • Charlie Sweet, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Hal Blythe, Eastern Kentucky University
Why bother to read yet another book about teaching? What can you possibly gain that will prepare you to meet those daily moments of truth? Perhaps this book's title suggests the answer. It Works for Me: Shared Tips for Teaching is not a treatise on pedagogical theory, nor is it designed to dictate a set of rules for success in the classroom. Its purpose is not to provide you with a complete program for better teaching. It Works for Me is simply a collection of practical tips drawn from the real-life experiences of some outstanding college teachers across the disciplines. It is meant as an aid for any instructor who feels the need for a little something extra from time to time to raise the classroom experience from merely passable to one from which students will eagerly learn and one they will remember. Use It Works for Me as a ready reference tool, pulling from it tips, techniques, and assignments and tailoring them to fit your unique style and situation. If a technique works, continue to employ it, shaping and expanding it so that it becomes your own. If something doesn't quite suit your needs, modify it or toss it out. Perhaps some of the suggestions will even whet your appetite, leading to the creation of new, exciting material of you own. Authors Hal Blythe and Charlie Sweet note that, "It Works for Me will ... supply you with useful techniques to get the most from your classroom experience."
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  • pedagogy
Publication Date
New Forums Press
New Forums Better Teaching Series
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Charlie Sweet and Hal Blythe. It Works for Me: Shared Tips for Teaching. Stillwater, Oklahoma(1998)
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