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Making Connections
Writer (2000)
  • Charlie Sweet, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Hal Blythe, Eastern Kentucky University
Last summer as instructors at a creative-writing conference, we had an experience that made us better writers. While critiquing a promising piece of fiction, we became frustrated because we couldn't put our finger on why the story didn't quite work. The tale, which centered around a young soldier's baptismal firefight in Vietnam, at first seemed solid. The main character was believable, the setting was described in gritty realism, and the plot had a beginning, middle, and end. But although the story was technically correct, it didn't really capture our interest. We found we couldn't get involved with the writer's grunt in Southeast Asia. Finally, the problem hit us: The story lacked emotional impact.
  • FICTION Authorship,
  • WRITTEN communication
Publication Date
March, 2000
Citation Information
Charlie Sweet and Hal Blythe. "Making Connections" Writer Vol. 113 Iss. 3 (2000)
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