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Government Contract Law, Second Edition
  • Charles Tiefer, University of Baltimore School of Law
  • William A. Shook, Law Offices of William A. Shook PLLC

The rapid developments in government contract law of the late 1990s and early 2000s have necessitated a new edition of this casebook, which offers the first contemporary one-volume casebook for a Government Contracts course. All chapters have been updated with new cases and notes, and two entirely new chapters have been added to ensure that the book's coverage is complete. The casebook makes government contract law accessible to readers of all backgrounds, from second-year law students who have taken only basic contract law, to commercial lawyers and non-lawyer government contract professionals seeking a broad, legally-focused introduction to the field. While all the traditional areas of interest receive coverage, the book emphasizes cases from increasingly important areas such as high technology, health care, commercial products, and state needs. Tiefer and Shook bring academic and practitioner experience and expertise to their treatment of government contract law.

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Carolina Academic Press
  • textbook,
  • government contract,
  • law
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Charles Tiefer and William A. Shook. Government Contract Law, Second Edition. Durham, NC(2003)
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