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Comparing Alternative Approaches About Congress's Role in Constitutional Law
University of Richmond Law Review
  • Charles Tiefer
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Mark Tushnet's Taking the ConstitutionAway from the Courts presents many aspects of the theme expressed in its title. I find most interesting the aspect concerning Congress's role in constitutional law. I like this aspect because I spent almost two decades working on constitutional law in Congress, principally as the House of Representatives' Solicitor and Deputy General Counsel representing the House of Representatives in countless constitutional controversies, and I have written a good deal about it. Tushnet provides us with an alternative perspective from which we can view Congress both during that time and since. Tushnet's book is kind enough to cite some of my works and I have both personal and professional admiration for what he has done.

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Charles Tiefer. "Comparing Alternative Approaches About Congress's Role in Constitutional Law" (2000) p. 489 - 508
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