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Incorporating Non-Timber Objectives in Forest Management Planning on Private Lands: A Case Study of the Cumberland Plateau
Managerial Economics and Accounting in an Envolving Paradigm of Forest Management
  • Donald G. Hodges
  • Charles B. Sims, Utah State University
  • Aaron R. Wells
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Hodges, Donald G., Charles B. Sims, and Aaron R. Wells. 2008. Incorporating non- timber objectives in forest management planning on private lands: A case study of the Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee, USA. In: Managerial Economics and Accounting in an Evolving Paradigm of Forest Management, Proceedings of International Symposium organized by IUFRO Group 4.05.00, S. Kant, W. Tzschukpe, J-L Peyron, and H. A. Jobstl, eds. Schriftenreiche der Hochschule fur Forstwirtscheft Rottenburg, Band Nr. 22. Pp. 174-185.