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Curative factors in offenders' groups
Small Group Behavior (1987)
  • John W. MacDevitt, Northern Michigan University
  • Charles A. Sanislow, Ball State University

Curative factors were assessed among therapy groups of offenders experiencing differentially restrictive incarceration, from probation through minimum security and maximum security to a special segregation unit for behaviorally problematic prisoners. Catharsis was highly rated as in earlier studies, while interpersonal learning input was rated at varying levels. Existential awareness was rated much higher than with typical outpatient populations, while cohesiveness was rated lower. The significance of these findings is discussed.

  • Curative Factors,
  • Group,
  • Group Psychotherapy,
  • Offender Groups,
  • Maximum Security
Publication Date
February, 1987
Citation Information
MacDevitt, J. W. & Sanislow, C. A. (1987). Curative factors in offenders' groups. Small Group Behavior, 18, 72-81.