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Research Domain Criteria (RDoC): Toward a New Classification Framework for Research on Mental Disorders
American Journal of Psychiatry (2010)
  • Thomas R Insel
  • Bruce N. Cuthbert
  • Marjorie A. Garvey
  • Robert K. Heinssen
  • Daniel S. Pine
  • Kevin J. Quinn
  • Charles A. Sanislow
  • Philip S. Wang

Current versions of the DSM and ICD have facilitated reliable clinical diagnosis and research. However, problems have increasingly been documented over the past several years, both in clinical and research arenas (e.g., 1, 2). Diagnostic categories based on clinical consensus fail to align with findings emerging from clinical neuroscience and genetics. The boundaries of these categories have not been predictive of treatment response. And, perhaps most important, these categories, based upon presenting signs and symptoms, may not capture fundamental underlying mechanisms of dysfunction. One consequence has been to slow the development of new treatments targeted to underlying pathophysiological mechanisms.

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Insel, T., Cuthbert, B., Garvey, M., Heinssen, R., Pine, D. S., Quinn, K., Sanislow, C. A., & Wang, P. W. (2010). Research Domain Criteria (RDoC): Developing a valid diagnostic framework for research on mental disorders. American Journal of Psychiatry, 167(7), 748-751.