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Contribution to Book
A Voluntary Approach to Collaborative Teacher Preparation: A Dual Major Program at Utah State University
Teacher Education in Transition: Collaborative Programs to Prepare General and Special Educators
  • Charles L. Salzberg, Utah State University
  • Benjamin Lignugaris/Kraft, Utah State University
  • J. Monson
Document Type
Contribution to Book
L Blanton, C Griffin, J Winn & M Pugach
Love Publishing
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Citation Information
Salzberg, C. L., Lignugaris/Kraft, B., Monson, J. (1997). A voluntary approach to collaborative teacher preparation: A dual major program at Utah State University. In L. Blanton, C. Griffin, J. Winn and M. Pugach (eds.). Teacher education in transition: Collaborative programs to prepare general and special educators (pp. 207-230). Denver: Love Publishing.