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Religious Events in Public Schools: Celebration or Controversy?
School Business Affairs
  • Ralph Mawdsley, Cleveland State University
  • Charles Russo, University of Dayton
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  • Christmas,
  • Public Schools,
  • Religious Events,
  • Christmas Displays,
  • Gift Giving,
  • Establishment Clause
This article presents 3 questions for discussion: Can religious holidays be honored as long as all religions are treated equally? Can school officials ban all celebrations of religious holidays? Can officials choose to honor only certain holiday seasons but not others? The courts have increasingly disfavored religious celebrations and other religious activities in public schools. In a world where religious strife is rampant, if children are prohibited from learning about the religious traditions of peers, how will they ever develop tolerance for and an appreciation of people whose beliefs differ from their own?
Citation Information
Ralph D. Mawdsley and Charles J. Russo, Religious Events in Public Schools: Celebration or Controversy? 74 School Business Affairs 40 (2008).