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Early Christian Latin Literature: Readings from the Ancient Texts
  • Charles Odahl, Boise State University
This is a textbook on early Christian Latin. It has been compiled out of the conviction that the Latin writings of early Christians are important to the study of Roman history and Latin in particular. The Latin texts produced by Christian writers from the late second to the early fifth centuries chronicle the growth of early Christianity from a persecuted minority cult to the official religion of the Roman Empire. They record the evolution of the theological doctrines, ethical standards, and ecclesiastical practices of the Christian Church in a formative period of its history. And they reveal the transformation of the language from its pagan and classical roots to its Christian and medieval forms. In short, these texts provide vital information for students of classical and Church history, and for specialist in the Latin language.
Publication Date
Ares Publishers, Inc.
Citation Information
Charles Odahl. Early Christian Latin Literature: Readings from the Ancient Texts. Chicago: Ares Publishers, Inc., 1993 Pb.