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Unpublished Paper
Why do Firms Hold Oil Stockpiles?
Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei Working Papers
  • Charles F. Mason, , H.A. True Chair in Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics, Department of Economics & Finance, University of Wyoming
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Persistent and significant privately-held stockpiles of crude oil have long been an important empirical regularity in the United States. Such stockpiles would not rationally be held in a traditional Hotelling-style model. How then can the existence of these inventories be explained? In the presence of sufficiently stochastic prices, oil extracting firms have an incentive to hold inventories to smooth production over time. An alternative explanation is related to a speculative motive - firms hold stockpiles intending to cash in on periods of particularly high prices. I argue that empirical evidence supports the former but not the latter explanation.
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Charles F. Mason. "Why do Firms Hold Oil Stockpiles?" (2012)
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