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C-SAFE: A Computer-Delivered Sexual Health Promotion Program for Latinas
Health Promotion Practice
  • Charles H. Klein, Portland State University
  • Tamara Kuhn, 2Dfusion
  • Midori Altamirano, Portland State University
  • Carmela Lomonaco, University of California, Oakland
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  • Hispanic American women -- Sexual health -- Web-based instruction,
  • Health promotion,
  • Evidence-based medicine
This article describes the development and evaluation of C-SAFE (Sexual Awareness for Everyone), a computer-delivered sexual health promotion program for Latinas. We first describe the process of adapting an evidence-based, group-level intervention into an individually administered computer-delivered program. We then present the methods and results of a randomized control trial with 321 Latinas in California and Florida to test C-SAFE's preliminary efficacy in reducing sexual health risk. We found no statistically significant differences between the two conditions at a six-month follow-up in terms of sexual behaviors or attitudes toward sexually transmitted infections and condoms, although C-SAFE women reported fewer days in the past month when their mental health was not good (p = .02). C-SAFE condition women also reported more satisfaction than control condition women in their assessment of information presentation (on a scale of 1 = poor and 5 = excellent; C-SAFE = 4.45 vs. control = 4.25, p = .053) and having learned something new (C-SAFE = 95.1% vs. control = 79.3%, χ2 < 0.001), with utility of content for Latinas approaching significance (C-SAFE = 4.50 vs. control = 4.31, p = .058). In conclusion we discuss the importance of teachable moments, matching of delivery modalities to implementation contexts, and possible directions for evidence-based sexual health promotion programs given the current sexual health landscape.

Klein, C. H., Kuhn, T., Altamirano, M., & Lomonaco, C. C-SAFE: A Computer-Delivered Sexual Health Promotion Program for Latinas, Health Promotion Practice (Vol 18, Issue 4) pp. 516 – 525. Copyright © 2017 (Society for Public Health Education) Reprinted by permission of SAGE Publications.

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Charles H. Klein, Tamara Kuhn, Midori Altamirano and Carmela Lomonaco. "C-SAFE: A Computer-Delivered Sexual Health Promotion Program for Latinas" Health Promotion Practice Vol. 18 (2017)
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