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Fraters In Facultate: Models of Excellence In Fraternity Advising
Joint ACPA/NASPA Conference (1997)
  • Charles G Eberly, Eastern Illinois University

This paper is the first of a number I planned to carry out on models of excellent in fraternity chapter advising. I am still working on the qualitative data I collected a decade and a half later. The thesis is that if one focused on models of excellence in fraternity operations to learn the manner in which successful leaders and organizations achieve their objectives, much greater progress would be made than focusing on the reduction of negative issues and problems such as alcohol abuse, sexual abuse, and hazing.

  • fraternity advising;
Publication Date
March, 1997
Citation Information
Charles G Eberly. "Fraters In Facultate: Models of Excellence In Fraternity Advising" Joint ACPA/NASPA Conference (1997)
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